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Resource Management


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Resourcing Administrators will set up the account for their organization.

Set up Resource Management

Here’s a quick, step-by-step introduction to Resource Management.


  • Resource Management


Resourcing Administrators will set up the account for their organization.

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  1. Configure basic account settings. Start by choosing how you will track time. There are three options, each offers a different level of detail. If you use Resource Management to track project fees, you’ll also assign bill rates to each member of your team. If you have multiple bill rates based on position and title, break that down in the bill rate matrix. If you’re not sure, start out with a blended bill rate. You can make changes later.
  2. Add your employee roster. You don’t need to give your team access to Resource Management yet, but adding your people will show you how the scheduling features work. If you have your employee list in Excel, you can import your roster.

Building out your team's profiles with roles, disciplines and skill sets helps with reporting and allocation tracking.

  1. Add clients. Enter information about clients and the projects your company is working on. You can segment project work into phases when you add them or edit them to suit your plans later. Learn about adding clients & projects.
  2. Build a schedule. Assign resources to specific projects and use the sliders to indicate when they’ll do the work. Learn more about navigating the schedule.
  3. Engage your team. You have the foundation; it’s time to invite the rest of your team to get familiar with the tool. This can include other core, decision-making people, a pilot team, or your entire staff. Invite people via account settings or the organization page.
  4. Track Time. Confirm employees’ assigned time (or let your team do it themselves. Confirming the actual time your team puts in will make the reports section more valuable. Learn about time tracking.
  5. Reporting. Spend the first week or two setting up projects, budgets, and expenses. Once you have enough information in Resource Management, you’ll be able to take full advantage of the reports + analytics section. This is where you’ll find key insights about your business. Learn about reports.


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