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Overview of Smartsheet support resources

Review the different types of support available for you.


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Some support options are available to all Smartsheet users and others are part of specific plan types and offerings. If you aren’t sure what’s available to you, see Get online Help and support for more information.

Support offerings

24/7 global online support 

The Customer Support Portal is a centralized location where customers can open support cases, provide additional information to their case, and track their support cases until closed. Customers can also use the portal to find self-services knowledge articles to solve their own support related questions. See Get online Help and support to learn more about the Customer support portal and who can use it.

24/7 global phone support

Call whenever you need help with an issue. To see if your plan includes phone support:

  • Open Smartsheet and select Account > Plan Info.

If you’re eligible for phone support, you'll see the phone numbers listed at the bottom of the Account Administration window.

Smartsheet University self-paced learning

Self-paced learning covers topics for all levels of learning. If Smartsheet University is part of your support package, sign in to find our catalog of self-paced courses.

Pro Desk

Pro Desk is a support resource that is included in the Premium Support Package and Professional Support Package. If your plan includes Pro Desk, you can schedule one-on-one coaching sessions with a Smartsheet expert at a time that’s convenient for you. Pro Desk sessions are available to schedule 24 hours a day, 5 days a week (excluding weekends and local major holidays).

24/7 Live chat

Live chat is included only in the Premium Support Package. If your plan includes Live chat, you can receive help in real time with our live chat support agents. 

To use chat from anywhere in Smartsheet:

  • In the left rail, select the Help icon, and then select Contact support.

Continuous monitoring and status updates

The Smartsheet operations team monitors the service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To stay aware of critical issues, service outages, and planned maintenance for the Smartsheet app and its related services, see the Smartsheet Status page. This resource gets regular updates. If you want immediate notification about issues or planned events, select Subscribe to Updates at the top of the page.

Smartsheet Help

Find Help articles, training, and more in the Help and Learning Center.

Smartsheet Community

Engage with fellow users and find solutions to common questions or product-related issues in the Smartsheet Community.

Support packages

See which offerings are included in each of the Support packages. For more information, see Smartsheet Support.

If you’re not sure which support package your organization has, ask your Smartsheet System Administrator or contact your Customer Success Representative.

Standard Support Package

The Standard Support Package is included for free in the Enterprise plan and includes:

  • Self-paced learning with Smartsheet University
  • 24/7 global phone support 
  • 24/7 global online support with the customer support portal

Professional Support Package

The Professional Support Package (Pro Support) includes:

  • One-on-one coaching sessions with Pro Desk 
  • Self-paced learning with Smartsheet University
  • 24/7 global phone support
  • 24/7 global online support with the customer support portal

Premium Support Package

The Premium Support Package includes:

  • Prioritization in the support queue
  • 24/7 live chat 
  • First Response Time within 2 hours *Limitations apply
  • One-on-one coaching sessions with Pro Desk 
  • Self-paced learning with Smartsheet University
  • 24/7 global phone support
  • 24/7 global online support with the customer support portal

Technical Account Managers

Get expert help when you need it. Smartsheet Technical Account Manager (TAM) is your named point of contact for escalations and incident management. Your Smartsheet TAM has first-hand knowledge and documentation of your unique implementation, and has established lines of communication into Smartsheet development and operations teams.

TAM Enhanced

TAM Enhanced includes all TAM services with the additional services of process optimization, solution enhancements, lightweight solution builds, and proactive solution monitoring. The TAM Enhanced experts manage and optimize the customer’s mission critical solutions, make critical solution enhancements, and builds new lightweight solutions.

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