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Who can use this capability

You must have a license to register for a Pro Desk session.

Get one-on-one coaching with Smartsheet Pro Desk

Smartsheet Professional Support, which includes Pro Desk, offers practical one-on-one coaching sessions with a Smartsheet expert.


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You must have a license to register for a Pro Desk session.

Use these sessions to accelerate setup time and optimize your Smartsheet projects, programs, and processes. Choose from topics such as Smartsheet Basics, Automation and Formulas, and Account Management.

How to purchase

To purchase Pro Desk sessions, contact your sales representative directly or reach out to our Sales Team for more information.


Frequently Asked Questions About Pro Desk

How can I tell if I have Professional Services and Pro Desk?

When you sign up for Professional Services, your sales representative will send you a welcome package in email. This email will include an access code. You’ll need to use the access code when you log in to sign up for a Pro Desk session.

The person who receives the welcome package and the access code could be your company’s Smartsheet System Admin or the Smartsheet Main Contact. To find your Main Contact, select the Account icon in the lower-left corner of your screen, and then select Plan Info or go directly to the Account Administration window.

I have verified that I have Pro Desk. How do I sign up for a session?

To schedule a Pro Desk session:

  1. Visit  the Smartsheet Pro Desk site at

  2. Select Enter Access Code.

  3. In the Access Code box, type the code provided to you from your Smartsheet sales representative and click Apply.

  4. Choose from among the 30-minute sessions, fill out the required details, and select Schedule.

  5. Select Complete Appointment to pick a date and time.

Once your session is scheduled: you'll have the option to add an appointment to your calendar so that you remember when your session is scheduled, you'll also receive an email confirmation (look for email from Smartsheet Prodesk with a  subject that starts with "New Appointment:").

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