Share or publish Smartsheet items to Microsoft Teams

Applies to

  • Pro
  • Business
  • Enterprise


Who can use this capability

You must be an admin on Microsoft Teams to approve the integration; anyone can install and use the Smartsheet for Teams app. 

Interact with Smartsheet forms, sheets, reports, and dashboards without leaving Microsoft Teams.

Sharing or publishing a Smartsheet item to a Teams channel will make that item available to anyone in the channel. Before you proceed, make sure you’re not publishing data that should not be exposed to people who have access to the channel.

Before you begin

You need the following permissions to publish Smartsheet items to Microsoft Teams.

Smartsheet Sharing Permission Requirements

You must be the Owner or have Admin-level sharing permissions to the Smartsheet item you want to add as a tab in a Microsoft Teams channel. (More on Smartsheet Sharing Permission Levels.)

If a Smartsheet item has already been published (from Smartsheet directly or by being added to a channel), people who shared to the item from Smartsheet can add it to other Teams channels. For more information on different publishing options, check out the Publishing Smartsheet Items article.

Microsoft Teams Requirements

You must have Microsoft Teams (a part of Office 365 for Business) and have at least one channel in a team to add a Smartsheet item as a tab to that channel in Microsoft Teams.
Smartsheet for Microsoft Teams is compatible with the browser and desktop versions of the Microsoft Teams application.

Add a Smartsheet item as a tab in a Teams channel

  1. From Microsoft Teams, select the channel you want from the left panel.
  2. In Teams, select  Plus icon .
  3. Select Add a tab > Smartsheet for Teams > Accept. If you are a Smartsheet EU customer, select Add a tab > Smartsheet for Teams EU > Accept.
  4. To grant Smartsheet access to integrate with Microsoft Teams, select Connect to Smartsheet > Allow. If prompted, sign in to your Smartsheet account.
  5. Locate and then select the Smartsheet item you want to use.
  6. Select Share, Publish, or Don’t Share.
  7. Select Share or Publish.
  8. If you choose to Share or Publish, set how people in the channel can interact with the Smartsheet item by specifying the sharing permission levels or by making it read-only or editable by anyone.
  9. Select Save.

You’re done! The Smartsheet item will be available in its tab to anyone subscribed to your channel. People in your channel can view and edit (if you’ve allowed editing) Smartsheet data within Microsoft Teams.

Publish Settings: Read Only or Editable by Anyone

You can modify settings, rename, or remove the tab if needed.

  • Read Only:  Full Version: Anyone in the Teams channel can view, but cannot edit, the entire sheet, report, or dashboard.
  • Editable by Anyone: Anyone in the Teams channel can view and edit the entire sheet. (This option isn’t available for reports or dashboards.)

Additional things to know

  • You can’t apply current user filter criteria in a sheet added to a Microsoft Teams channel. See Create a filter to show or hide data for details on filters.
  • To see more of the Smartsheet item in the tab and hide your custom branding, select View sheet in full screen
  • To avoid messaging the channel about the new tab, clear the Post to the channel about this tab checkbox.
  • You need permission from your Microsoft Office 365 admin to share Smartsheet items when adding them as Tabs in your Teams channel. Select Skip on the admin approval screen to bypass this step. 
  • If your admin has not granted permission, you can add Smartsheet items as Tabs by publishing them or not sharing the tabs to channel members. 
  • If you choose the Don’t share option, only channel members who have access to the sheet will see sheet content in the tab. Other members will see the Don’t have access page, and they can request access from the Request access button.