Overview: Automated workflows

Applies to

  • Pro
  • Business
  • Enterprise


Who can use this capability

You must be a licensed Smartsheet user with Owner or Admin-level permission on the sheet.

With Smartsheet, you can quickly create workflows to automate the repetitive, manual tasks that dominate your day. Get started with guided workflow templates to quickly and easily set up your first automation to collect updates, track due dates, and more.

What you can do and where you can apply workflows depends on your permission level. Learn about workflow permissions.

Workflow ideas

The workflow template gallery makes it easy to create workflows for common actions. The gallery includes tips on when to use the workflow and how to customize each template.

Here are a few examples:

Use this template

To do this

Alert someone when specified criteria are met

Let someone know you’ve assigned them a task or changed a date

Remind someone on a specific date

Remind stakeholders as critical dates approach 

Request an update every week

Collect weekly status reports and keep projects up-to-date

Move a row to another sheet when specified criteria are met

Automatically move rows to another sheet when something changes, like when a task is completed, a status is updated, or a team is assigned a new task.

These examples are just a starting point; you can customize each template to meet your workflow scenarios. To get started, in the upper-left corner of your sheet, select Automation > Create workflow from template.