View and Manage Automated Workflows

Applies to

- Individual
- Business
- Enterprise

Workflow Manager Capabilities

  • View workflows, including sorting them by name, last edited date, or creation date.
  • Edit, Enable/Disable, Duplicate, Unsubscribe/Subscribe, Delete, and view Properties.

Make Updates to Your Workflows

Double click a workflow or select the menu icon. From here, you can:

  • Use the toggle to Enable the workflow so it can be triggered when conditions are met.
  • Use the toggle to Disable the workflow to prevent it from being triggered.
  • Select Edit… to change its name, trigger, conditions, and actions.
  • Select Duplicate... to create a copy of the workflow in the same sheet.
  • Unsubscribe from the workflow to avoid being notified by any of its alerts or requests.
  • Subscribe to the workflow you have previously unsubscribed from it.
  • Delete the workflow.
  • Select Properties… to review the workflow ID.

Correct Issues Preventing Workflows from Running

  1. For any workflow with red text stating: “This workflow is being prevented from running.  Please correct the issue by editing your workflow”, double click or open the workflow’s menu and select Edit...
  2. The workflow editor will automatically scroll you to the first invalid trigger, condition, or action block. Read the explanation as to why the block is invalid, and follow instructions to resolve the issue.

Workflow Issue

Control How Your Workflows Are Organized

Use the Sort by dropdown menu to organize your workflows by:

  • Workflow name
  • The date each workflow was last modified
  • The date each workflow was created

By default, workflows are sorted alphabetically by name. When you change the sort order, it will be reflected on all of your sheets and only for you. Others can sort the same workflows based on their preferences.

Sort By