View and manage automated workflows

Applies to

  • Pro
  • Business
  • Enterprise

Quickly and easily manage workflows you’ve created. 

To access your saved workflows: 

  • At the top left of the sheet, select Automation > Manage workflows 

In the top right corner of the workflow manager, you can: 

  • Filter by status: All, Active, Inactive, Unable to run
  • Sort by: Name, Date modified, Date created, Last run

Make updates to your workflows

  1. At the top left of the sheet, select Automation > Manage workflows. Here, you’ll see each workflow’s status and the last run and modified dates for each workflow. 
  2. Hover over the workflow and select the More icon.
    From this menu, you can:
    • Activate or deactivate the workflow
    • Edit the workflow
    • Duplicate the workflow – this is useful if you want to use the workflow as a template for another workflow
    • Delete the workflow - this is useful if you know you no longer want the workflow. If you’re not sure, deactivate it instead.
    • Subscribe or unsubscribe from a workflow 
    • View workflow properties, like Workflow ID, workflow creation details, and who (if anyone) has unsubscribed.

Workflow issues and notifications 

You may receive email notifications if there are issues with your workflow. Maybe one of the columns used in the workflow was deleted from the associated sheet, or some of the intended recipients don’t have access to the sheet. 

Follow the instructions in the email to fix the issue so it can run again in the future.