Condition Blocks: Filter What Your Automated Workflows Send

Applies to

  • Pro
  • Business
  • Enterprise

Between the trigger block and action blocks in your automation workflows, you can define conditions to filter which rows will be included in the resulting alert or action. You can also add conditional paths to handle a range of different scenarios for automating actions in one workflow based on the criteria you specify. 

Create conditional logic in a condition block by clicking and to toggle between the two states:

  • Only one condition needing to be met (or)
  • All conditions needing to be met (and) when firing the subsequent actions

click and

For example, when a new IT request ticket is added to a sheet through a form, you can send different alerts and requests to specific recipients depending on the department, priority, and request type specified in the ticket.

Mix And-Logic With Or-Logic on the Same Condition Path

If you want to mix and-logic with or-logic conditions, add multiple condition blocks (for example, one for your and conditions and another for your or conditions) on the same condition path.

mixed logic

The example above requires that the criteria in Conditions (1) be met before the criteria in Conditions (2) is evaluated.  

What to Expect With Overlapping Condition Paths

It’s possible to configure condition paths which overlap—meaning that similar or the same conditions have been defined for different condition paths. In these situations, Smartsheet evaluates conditions from left to right, and actions will be fired for the leftmost condition path (of which the conditions are met). Smartsheet will not fire all actions for all parallel paths of which conditions are met. 

For example, say we have an automated workflow with two condition paths, Conditions (1) and Conditions (2):

Overlapping logic

  • Conditions (1) is the leftmost path and its condition is that Price is less than or equal to 100. (This triggers an alert straight to the Finance Manager)
  • Conditions (2) is to the right of condition path A and its condition is that Price is between 50 and 250. (This triggers an approval request to key stakeholders who are in a Contact cell of the sheet.)

When the workflow is triggered for a row with a Price of 100 or less, the action for Conditions (1) will be fired, because its condition has been met and it’s the leftmost of the two overlapping conditions. (The action for Conditions (2) won’t fire unless the Price is between 101 and 250.)