Alerts: Stay on Track with Automatic Notifications and Reminders

An alert is an email message that’s sent to you automatically when a key date is reached or when information in your sheet changes. Use an alert, for example, to be notified two days before a task is due, to know when someone assigns a task to you or to someone else, or to keep track of a task’s status.

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To get started using alerts, click the Alerts tab at the bottom of a sheet.

Alerts tab

The two available alert types in Smartsheet are notifications and reminders:

  • A notification is triggered by changes that occur in a sheet. You specify which changes you want to be alerted to and how often you want to be notified of those changes.

    You can set up notifications to suit a variety of needs: for example, you can receive an alert when anything in a sheet changes or any time a row is added, changed, or deleted. If you want to, you can create conditional notifications: for example, you can receive notification when new comments are added to rows containing tasks that are assigned only to you.

    For more information about how to set up and work with notifications, see Use Notifications to Stay on Top of Sheet Changes.
  • A reminder is date driven. When you set up a reminder, you’ll specify who will receive the reminder, when it will be sent, and what you want to be reminded of. With the right permissions—you must be the sheet owner or shared to the sheet as an admin—you can set up alerts to be sent to others.

    For more information about how to set up and work with reminders, see Use Reminders to Stay Aware of Key Dates.

IMPORTANT: In order for others to receive alerts for a sheet, you must ensure that those people are shared to the sheet. For more information on sharing sheets, see the Sharing Sheets article.

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