Issue: Didn't Receive Email Confirming Trial

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Well shoot … you want to try out Smartsheet and you're having trouble getting started. This article lists a few reasons the trial e-mail confirmation message doesn’t always make it through and offers some things you can do to get your trial set up properly.

Give it a little time

You may need to wait a few minutes for the email to make it. If you've waited a while already, it's time to check the next things listed here.

A service or system blocked the email

As you are likely well aware, email that you actually want to receive sometimes gets blocked accidentally. Here are some things that may help you find the blocked message:

  • If you haven’t already done so, check your spam or junk email folder.
  • If you (or the organization you work for) use a service that captures mail from new senders—Mimecast is an example of a service of this type—you will need to adjust the settings for the service to permit Smartsheet to send you mail. (You may need to work with your IT Department on this.)

    You can find a complete list of domains that you’ll want to ensure are part of an allowlist in the article Issue: Email Not Received from Smartsheet.

You accidentally typed the wrong email address when you signed up

Typos happen. If you mistyped your email address when you signed up for your trial, the trial confirmation message won’t make it to your inbox. To rule out this possibility, you can use the Smartsheet Password Reset page and try re-typing your correct email address.

Visit the Password Reset Page

If all goes as expected, a new email will be sent to the correct inbox enabling you to access the trial account (creating a password for your trial account is part of this process).

What to do next

If none of these steps work, please contact Smartsheet Support—someone on the team will be more than happy to work with you to get you set up with a trial.