COUNTM Function

Counts the number of elements in a multi-contact or multi-select dropdown column cell or cell range. Returns the total number of elements found.
Sample Usage
COUNTM([Assigned To]:[Assigned To])
  • search_range1
  • [
    • search_range2
    • ...
  • search_range1
    The cell reference or range to count within
    • search_range2
    • ...
    Additional values or ranges to count

This example references the following sheet information:
COUNTM function example

Given the tableabove, here are some examples of using COUNTM in a sheet:

Formula Description Result
=COUNTM([Assigned To]3) Count the number of values in the [Assigned To]3 cell 2
=COUNTM(Choices:Choices) Count the number of values in the Choices column 6
=COUNTM([Assigned To]:[Assigned To], Choices:Choices]) Count the total number of values in both the Assigned To and Choices columns 10