Random String Utility Function

Applies to

Bridge by Smartsheet

In a chat based workflow it can get repetitive sometimes asking or answering a question or sending a comment in the same way. You can use Random String as a solution. 

With Random String, you can define a range of responses that the user will receive when the module is triggered.

Random String Fields

Random String

  • Return String As: Select if you want to return this as a question, answer or comment, or to replace both the question and the retry help.
  • Strings: Add as many different options as you want in the 'Strings' section.

For instance, if you choose Next Question and enter the strings 'Hello!', 'Hi there!' and 'What's up?' the next question to the chat user will be one of those three, chosen at random. This way, if the same person interacts with your bot they won't get the same question each time.