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Create New Sheets from Google Drive


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These are the Smartsheet-Google Drive integration points available for installation from the Chrome Web Store:

  1. Smartsheet Merge: Strategically import Smartsheet data into your Google Document.
  2. Smartsheet Sync: Store responses to Google Forms in a new sheet in Smartsheet.
  3. Create new sheets from Google Drive: New sheets are stored in Smartsheet, but a link is also created in Drive so you can easily open them from there.

In addition, there are several integration points with Google that don't require any installation. See a full list here.

You must use the Chrome browser to install any Smartsheet app or add-on initially but after the installation, you are able to access the Google Drive-Smartsheet features in any browser.

Create New Sheets from Google Drive

This integration point enables you to create new sheets in Smartsheet from within Google Drive.

  1. To get started, install the app from the Chrome Web Store. If you're a Google Apps user, you can also install a fuller integration from the Google Apps Marketplace that includes this functionality.
  2. Login to your Google Drive account.
  3. Select the Create button in Google Drive, then select More > Smartsheet.
  4. Name your sheet and choose whether to start with a project sheet, task list, or blank sheet. A link to the new Smartsheet is created in Google Drive.
  5. You can also open any Google Spreadsheet, Microsoft Project (.mpp), Microsoft Excel (.xls, .xlsx) or CSV file as a new sheet in Smartsheet by right-clicking on the file in Google Drive, selecting Open With and then selecting Smartsheet. The file is imported into Smartsheet creating a new sheet and a link to it is saved in Google Drive.

If, at any time, you see an error that you can't use the integration as your domain has disabled third-party apps, this can be resolved by your Google domain admin using these instructions on Google's support site

The links in Google Drive launch the sheet within the Smartsheet application. The links can be moved into any of your Google Drive folders, including those that are shared with others. However, team members need to be shared to the sheet in Smartsheet in order to open the link from Google.

Currently there isn't a method to create links for existing sheets.

Uninstall Apps and Add-ons

Use the instructions on Google's Support site for uninstalling apps from Google Drive.

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