Create a Milestone to Mark a Significant Event in Your Project

A milestone is an action or event marking a significant change or stage in your project. The finish date for a milestone is the same as its start date. A milestones is represented by a grey diamond image in the Gantt chart, centered on the provided start time.

To create a milestone:

  1. Click Gantt View on the toolbar to display your sheet in Gantt view or to add a Gantt chart to your sheet.
    View Menu on Toolbar

  2. Enable dependencies on your sheet (click gantt-settings Edit Project Setting in the far-left corner of the Gantt chart and check the Dependencies Enabled checkbox). 

  3. Enter a task duration of 0 (zero), and a start date, to create a milestone.

TIP: To create an extended milestone, enter a task duration of ~0, and a start date. An extended milestone requires one full working day to complete, but is still represented by a diamond shape in the Gantt chart.