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System requirements and guidelines for using Smartsheet

Understanding Smartsheet's system requirements: browser compatibility, file size limits, and advanced features


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Smartsheet is a 100% Software as a Service (SaaS) online application compatible with browsers running on PC, Mac, and Linux operating systems. You can also use Smartsheet on mobile devices.

To access Smartsheet from any browser:

  • You need an internet connection. 
  • You must have JavaScript enabled.

Operating systems and browsers

Smartsheet supports the two most recent major versions of the following browsers:

  • Windows: Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge
  • Mac: Chrome, Firefox, and Safari
  • Linux: Firefox
  • ChromeOS: Chrome

The Smartsheet app works best on Chrome and Microsoft Edge. If you’re working with sheets with over 5,000 rows, use either Chrome or Microsoft Edge.

Supported browser versions

You can access Smartsheet from many browser versions. However, Smartsheet's performance and security are enhanced when you use the latest generally available browser version. Developer or pre-release browser versions may work, but they aren’t officially supported by Smartsheet.

Sheet and imported file size maximums

A sheet cannot exceed a total of 500,000 cells—that is, when multiplied together, the number of rows and columns in your sheet cannot exceed this number.

Imported files have the same restrictions and can't exceed 50 MB.

This table includes more information about maximum values.

Sheet Component Maximum
Rows 20,000
Columns 400
Cells 500,000
Characters in a cell 4,000
Inbound cell links 500,000
Unique cells referenced in cross-sheet formulas 100,000

To determine how close you are to the 500,000 cell limit, multiply the number of columns in your sheet by the number of rows. For example, a sheet with 20,000 rows can only have 25 or fewer columns, and a sheet with 400 columns can only have 1,250 or fewer rows.

Smartsheet Gov has an inbound cell link limit of 100,000.

Sheet size

The following features aren't yet supported for sheets with more than 5000 rows, or more than 200 columns:

  • Bridge by Smartsheet
  • Quip connector
  • Tableau connector
  • PowerBI connector
  • Zapier connector
  • Google Docs Merge connector
  • Google Forms sync connector
  • LiveData connector
  • Calendar App

Mobile apps

For information about system requirements for the mobile apps for Smartsheet, see Smartsheet for Android or Smartsheet for iOS.

Smartsheet API

If you use the Smartsheet API, there are rate limits in place to prevent abuse and undue stress on Smartsheet servers. For details on the API rate limitations, check out our API documentation

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