Applies to

  • Brandfolder


Who can use this capability

Owners and Admins can access the cropping page in bulk management.

Bulk management cropping

Cropping in bulk management allows you to establish preset custom cropping dimensions and aspect ratios.


  • Brandfolder


Owners and Admins can access the cropping page in bulk management.

End users can then use these cropping dimensions and aspect ratios in the asset modal. Admins and Owners can see this page by navigating to Settings > Bulk Management > Cropping tab.

The Cropping page in bulk management with cropping tab highlighted on the left hand side navigation.

Setting a custom preset 

1. Input your Preset Name, and make it descriptive. 

2. Choose the crop presets Download Format

  • Allow User to Select
  • JPG
  • PNG

3. Set the cropping Width (px) and Height (px)

4. Choose if you would like to lock the aspect ratio, then set the aspect ratio. 

5. Select Create Preset 

Once a Preset is created, it will appear in your predefined list. It also is active on all assets where cropping is available as well as in your Custom Preset CDN Links

Presets table 

The columns in the table on this page allow you to see 

  • The name of your preset
  • Aspect ratio of the preset
  • Width (px)
  • Height (px)
  • The filetype or download format 
  • A trash can icon to delete the preset 

You do not have the ability to edit presets once they are created.

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