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Access the Smartsheet trial plan

Use the trial to build and share your work — and make a case for becoming a fully licensed user.


  • Pro
  • Business
  • Enterprise

If you're an unlicensed user on your company's plan, you have limited access to Smartsheet's full capabilities. You can request a license from your System Admin and while you're waiting, experiment with a 30-day trial plan that gives you access to more of what Smartsheet offers. Once your trial expires, check in with your system admin to find out the status of your request. 


Some unlicensed users can buy a plan once the trial expires. Whether you can purchase a plan depends on how your organization manages users. If you're on a plan that doesn't use UAP, EPM, SSO/SAML, or DI, you can purchase a plan when your trial expires. 


Get the trial

If you want to experiment with Smartsheet's broader capabilities but don't have a license, the trial allows you to access more features. To access the trial select the Upgrade button, request a license, then follow the instructions on your screen. 


A trial plan doesn't remove you from the plan you're already on, nor does it change your access permissions to any Smartsheet items you're already working with. Items you create on your new trial are subject to the trial plan restrictions.


Things to know about the trial

  • See what you can do in the trial here.
  • Your access to current files won't change.
  • Your System Admin can transfer Owner permissions of any items you create after your trial expires.
  • Even if the trial expires, you can request a license again, but you must wait 90 days before you can get a new trial. 

Why can't I buy a plan once my trial has expired?

If you are on a plan with UAP, EPM, SSO/SAML, and/or Directory Integration, you can't purchase a plan under the same account email. Check with your System Admin to find out how your plan is managed.

How do I know when my trial period has run out?

Smartsheet will notify you. You can decide which assets you want to keep. Your System Admin can assign themselves Owner permissions of any other items you built while on the trial. 

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