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Troubleshoot issues with @mention email comments


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Sometimes, you'll see one of these errors when you reply to an email message generated by the @mention.

Your comment includes the original message as part of the response

Some email clients don't exclude the original message from the reply. These email clients work best with Smartsheet @mentions:

  • Microsoft Outlook web app
  • Microsoft Outlook for Office 365 on PC - 16.0.12130 and up
  • Microsoft Outlook on Mac - 16.31 and up
  • Gmail web app
  • Microsoft Outlook on iOS - 4.9.0 and up
  • Microsoft Outlook on Android - 4.0.65 and up
  • Gmail client on iOS - 6.0.191006 and up
  • Gmail client on Android - 2019.10.20.278647676

While responses from other email clients will appear as comments in Smartsheet, they may include the original message as part of the response created. You can remove the original message in your response before you send it. 

Your reply to Smartsheet bounced

Send your reply over a connection secured with Transport Layer Security (TLS) to ensure your data is protected and encrypted. You may need to work with your IT team to turn on TLS for your email server.

Your reply no longer adds comments to the sheet

This will occur if you've replied to the @mention email notification more than five times. Some plans limit the number of email responses a person can make to a single @mention notification. Once you reach this limit, you'll need to respond in Smartsheet or create a new @mention comment before continuing the conversation through email.

The email has expired (30 days passed with no response)

The notification email sent by the @mention has a 30-day time limit for responses. If you attempt to reply after the 30-day limit, the reply will be rejected. You'll need to create a new @mention comment to restart the conversation.

Response sent from someone other than the intended recipient

If someone attempts to respond to an @mention notification from an email address different from the @mentioned email, they won't be able to create a comment, and they may receive an error. For security reasons, the email generated through the @mention capability can only be responded to by the person who was @mentioned.

Comment exceeds 10,000 characters

If the comment is missing text, the email response has likely exceeded the limit (10,000 characters) for comments.

There are no email attachments

@mention email responses don't support attachments. If you want to include an attachment with your comment, attach it to the comment in the sheet. 

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