Jira for Smartsheet: Best Practices for working with Jira data

Applies to

Smartsheet Advance Package

Save and Refresh Often

Because you'll be working across two systems, the opportunities for synchronization errors increase as more people collaborate. To help minimize the risk of sync issues, save changes and refresh your sheets as you make updates. Save and refresh often to ensure others see your changes, and those changes synchronize to Jira and Smartsheet according to the workflows you've set up.

Lock Columns to Avoid Errors

Do not modify data in the required Issue Key field in Smartsheet. To secure the integrity of the data in this column, the sheet Owner or someone shared to the sheet with Admin privileges should lock the Issue Key column. For more information, see Locking & Unlocking Columns and Rows in the Smartsheet Help Center.

View Changes 

You can use the View History command to see a record of changes made to a cell. For sheets that include data shared between Smartsheet and Jira, the name of the user associated with the change will always be the name of the person who created the workflow.

For more information about tracking changes in Smartsheet, see Viewing Cell History in the Smartsheet Help Center.

Push Data from Smartsheet to Jira for Specific Rows Only

To give you greater control over which rows explicitly push data back to Jira, create an Update Issue in Jira column in the sheet in Smartsheet and a filter in the Smartsheet for Jira workflow:

  1. In Smartsheet, in the sheet that you plan to connect to the Jira projects, create a new column, select the Checkbox type, and name the column "Update Issue in Jira."
  2. Log in to the Smartsheet for Jira page, and follow the steps to create a workflow, specifying a bi-directional workflow in the workflow wizard. (Or click SettingsWorkflow Settings > Edit Workflow on a bi-directional workflow you've already created to bring up the wizard for that workflow.)
  3. Add a filter that syncs only rows from the sheet that have the Update Issue in Jira column checked.

The next time the sheet and the Jira projects sync, data will be pushed back to Jira only for the rows for which the Update Issue in Jira checkbox is checked.