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Who can use this capability

You must be a System Admin to request a sheet access report. 

Create a sheet access report

A sheet access report shows you a comprehensive list of who has access to your sheets. The list can help you understand the Smartsheet footprint within your organization. Or, use the list as a tool to audit security within your Smartsheet account.  


  • Business
  • Enterprise


You must be a System Admin to request a sheet access report. 

To create a sheet access report

  1. Log in to Admin Center.
  2. Select the Menu icon to expand the left sidebar and then select User Management. 
  3. Select More Actions > Sheet Access.
  4. Check your email. The report goes to the email associated with your Admin Center login. 

The sheet access report includes the following data:

  • Sheet key: The unique key for each sheet in your team's Smartsheet account. Users don't see this key. It can be helpful when you have multiple sheets with the same name. 
  • Sheet name: Sheet names seen in your Smartsheet session.
  • Sheet owner: Licenced user's name shown with all the sheets owned by that user. The report does not show sheets shared to team members by unlicensed users. 
  • Shared to: All email addresses for those who have sheets shared to them, whether licensed,  unlicensed, or external collaborators. 
  • Last modified date/time: Last date/time when the sheet was updated.
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