Applies to

  • Enterprise
Smartsheet Advance Package


Who can use this capability

  • System Admin

Configure a data egress policy

Customizing restrictions and exceptions for varied user groups


  • Enterprise
  • Smartsheet Advance Package


  • System Admin

You need to have both an Enterprise plan and a Smartsheet Advance Package or Smartsheet Safeguard to access the data egress policy.

A data egress policy allows you to control how your organization restricts actions that enable data sharing. SysAdmins can exclude specific groups from the policy, such as external vendors, contract workers, and internal groups. Multiple policies can be set at the org level, enabling varying degrees of access.

The policy can restrict the following actions, preventing the distribution of potentially sensitive data.

  • Save as new
  • Save as template
  • Send as attachment
  • Publish
  • Print
  • Export

When a data egress policy is in place for your organization, users will see a notification when they try to perform a restricted action.


The data egress policy will also be honored through other interfaces, specifically the Smartsheet mobile application and Public APIs.


Data egress limitations

  • Not all egress actions are restricted. Sharing and sheet snapshots are not controlled by data egress policies. 
  • Policies apply to sheets, reports, and dashboards. Other egress opportunities exist through sharing and workspaces.

Groups and data egress policies

Creating groups can help you exclude a specific subset of users from a data egress policy.

For instance, if your organization is particularly privacy-conscious, you can define a group (for example, a team that works in a customer-facing capacity) for whom these controls will not apply.

Activate data egress controls in Admin Center

Set up a data egress policy

  1. Log in to Admin Center.
  2. Select Governance Controls and Configure the Data Egress Policy tile.
  3. Select Create Policy and follow the instructions on your screen.  

Edit a data egress policy

  1. Log in to Admin Center.
  2. Select Governance Controls and select Manage on the Data Egress Policy tile. 
  3. On the right side of the row, toggle the policy status to on or off. Or, hover over More to edit or delete the policy. 
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