Customize emails sent in the DocuSign process

Applies to

  • Business
  • Enterprise


Who can use this capability

You need to be an admin on the sheet to create new mappings. You need a DocuSign account to create mappings.

You need editor permissions on the sheet to use the mapping and send out envelopes.

You can use values from your sheet to customize the email subject and/or message.

  1. Log in to DocuSign, select your template, and select Edit.
  2. Scroll down to Message to All Recipients
  3. Use Smartsheet column values to customize the email subject and body message. Type the Smartsheet column names inside double curly braces and then type in the rest of the message.

    For example: Contract for: {{First Name}} {{Last Name}}

To preview the custom email message and body of the email from Smartsheet:

  1. Go to Smartsheet, right-click on a row, and select Generate Documents
  2. Locate your DocuSign mapping.
  3. Hover your cursor over the mapping, and select the edit icon.
  4. Select Settings and then select Custom Email Messages
  5. Preview your customized message.