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Move and share content between regions in Smartsheet


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There are a few scenarios that help you collaborate with your team when you’re in different regions.

While it’s not possible to migrate content between regions in Smartsheet, there are ways to manage and share content, regardless of where the content is hosted. 


Check your company’s data governance policies or with your Data Privacy officer before you move data between regions.


Share a US-hosted sheet to an EU-hosted plan

When you share a US-hosted sheet with people on an EU plan, the EU plan users become collaborators on the US plan with the permissions granted by the sheet owner. 

For example, if there is a tracking sheet hosted in the US and users who are on EU plans need to update that sheet, they can do so as collaborators. 

This works in both directions; a user with a sheet on an EU-hosted plan can share the sheet to users on US-hosted plans. The difference is that all the data is hosted in the EU for this sheet.

Duplicate a US-hosted sheet for use in an EU-hosted plan

Export a US-hosted sheet and then import that sheet into an EU-hosted plan.

  1. Export the sheet to Excel.
  2. Log into the EU-hosted plan. 
  3. Import the data into a new sheet.
  4. Rebuild the sheet (or any other object) to replicate the original sheet. 

You can't export discussions, attachments, comments, and some formatting. You must reattach any files to the new EU-hosted sheet. You need to recreate Dashboards, Reports, forms, and automation rules in the new instance. 

The sheets aren't linked; you need to export new data to capture any changes.


Create a report combining data from multiple regions

Data in reports must be hosted in a single region. You need to export the data from one region and import it into the region where you want to create the report.


Data Shuttle can help with regular updates.


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