Publish Proof files with the Brandfolder Integration

Applies to

  • Business
  • Enterprise


Who can use this capability

The sheet Owner, Admins, and Editors can use Proofing with the Brandfolder integration.

You need a Brandfolder plan to use this integration. Learn more about Brandfolder here.

With the Brandfolder integration, you can publish Proof files to specific Brandfolder collections, and include relevant metadata from the Proof's row to copy completed Proofs to Brandfolder.

To export a Proof file to Brandfolder:

  1. Select the Export icon in the top right of the Proof view.
  2. Select Send to Brandfolder
  3. Select data from the row to include with the asset being copied to Brandfolder.
    You can include Proof details as meta-data associated with the new Brandfolder asset. You can also add data from multi-select dropdown columns as Tags in Brandfolder.
  4. When you are done entering data from Smartsheet to include with the Proof file, select Send.
  5. A Brandfolder modal will open and it will ask you to sign in to your account. 
  6. Once you authenticate into Brandfolder, you can select the Organization, Brandfolder, and Section where the file should be sent and select Accept File.
  7. You can then close out of the modal to return to Smartsheet or visit the location in Brandfolder where the file was sent.


  • Content can only be moved from Smartsheet to Brandfolder. There is no syncing of content between Smartsheet and Brandfolder.
  • The Brandfolder integration is not available on the External Proofing Page.
  • Currently, Brandfolder is hosted only in the US region.