Collaborate on a proof

Applies to

  • Business
  • Enterprise


Who can use this capability

Owners, Admins, and Editors can add a proof for review. 


Note: Any user type (including free users) can review and provide feedback on a proof, however a license is required to upload proofs and request feedback. For more information about user types in Smartsheet, see Account-Level User Types for Multi-User Plans.


Collaboration on a proof depends on whether reviewers have access to your sheet and whether you need approval decisions from them.

Request review and approval

You can invite anyone with a valid email address to review your proof, including unlicensed users or people outside of your organization.

To request feedback

  1. In the row where the proof you want others to review is attached, select Proofs Proofs icon .  
  2. To add collaborators in the proof, select Invite icon .
  3. In the Invite Reviewers dialog that appears, type the names or email addresses of the people you want to review your proof.
  4. Optional: In the Subject and Message boxes, modify the default texts. 
  5. Select Send.

The people you ask for feedback will receive a review request that links directly to an external review page. When these recipients select the request, they’ll land on a review page outside of Smartsheet. 

You can’t request reviews of proofs in locked rows. 

Collect feedback without approvals

If you want informal feedback from people with access to your sheet, you can @mention them in a comment in your proof. They can’t approve or require changes unless you send them a review request.

If you @mention someone who isn't shared to the sheet, you'll be prompted to share it and give them appropriate permissions. After you share the sheet, they’ll have access to the comment.

Only Owners, Admins, and users with an Editor - can share permission can share the sheet. For more information, see Sharing Permission Levels.

Work with versions of proofs

When you make changes to a file that’s in a proof, you can upload the revised version to keep your proof up to date.

Upload a version of a proof

The file size limit depends on your user type. Not sure of the file size limit for the proof you want to upload? Check out the Attach Files Stored on Your Computer to a Sheet help article.

  1. In the upper-left portion of the proofing view, select Version > New version
  2. To locate and upload the file that you want to proof, select Upload. If you know where the file is, drag it to the Drop your file here box.

The Version indicator will then show that multiple versions of the proof exist. All previous versions will be locked.

Versions menu

Here are some things to keep in mind about proof versions:

  • You can view locked versions but can’t annotate or comment on them
  • A person shared to the sheet as a licensed Admin can delete comments from previous versions
  • Any user with access to the sheet can access the previous proofs in the proofing container
  • Smartsheet cancels any outside requests and outside access to previous versions
  • Request responses stay with the version—this includes the comments, and Pending, Rejected, and Approved results

Delete a version of a proof

  1. In the row where the proof you want to delete is attached, select Proofs Proofs icon
  2. Select Actions Actions icon > Delete latest version
    You can't recover deleted versions or proofs.

When you delete the latest version:

  • The file is removed
  • All comments on the version are deleted
  • All outstanding review requests are cancelled
  • The previous version becomes the active version and is available for review

Complete a proof

You can mark a proof as Complete to make it read-only in your sheet, and in the external review page.

Review complete UI

To mark a proof as Complete

  1. In the row where the proof is attached, select Proofs Proofs icon
  2. Select the Review Complete toggle.
    To set a proof to Complete, you must be a licensed sheet Owner, Admin, or Editor.

When a proof is complete: 

  • No one can upload new versions, add, or edit comments. People can still review comments and download the files in each version.
  • Only the Owner and Admins can delete comments. 
  • Owners, Admins, and Editors can set the proof back to Incomplete.
    Do this to allow commenting or additional version uploads for the proof again.

Cancel a review request

If you send out a review request but later decide to cancel it, follow these steps:

  1. In the row where the proof is attached, select Proofs Proofs icon.
  2. Select Actions Actions icon > Cancel review.

When you cancel a review request, you’ll be unable to ask for approval. But, recipients will still have access to the proof.