Map proofing data to the grid with proof info columns

Applies to

  • Business
  • Enterprise


Who can use this capability

The sheet Owner and Admins can set up the Proof Info Columns from the Proofing right rail three dots menu. A license is required.

You can select different Proofing data points, such as a status and version number, and associate those with a column in the sheet to map Proofing data to the grid with Proof Info Columns. 

Build reports and dashboards based on Proofing data, as well as build automation rules for when Proof data points change. When that Proof data point changes, the value in the associated column and row will update automatically. 

You can use this capability to capture and measure data about your content life cycle. Surfacing this data means that teams can see where bottlenecks exist, understand how long it actually takes to create content, and get insights into operational and procedural efficiencies.

The only data points that can currently be used are:

  • Status - Proof Status is a single select dropdown column.
  • Version Number - Version is a text/number column.
  • Date Created -  Date column where the smallest value increment you can use is Day.
  • Date Completed -  Date column where the smallest value increment you can use is Day.

You can build a workflow rule to trigger automation from changes in the cells, such as sending a notification when a status changes from “In Review” to “Complete”.

Any of the data available in the Proof Info Columns menu can be created on a sheet. 

To create a new column that maps to Proof Info Columns data:

  1. Open the Proofing panel from the right rail Proofing icon.
  2. Select the 3 dots icon in the top right of the Proofing panel and select Create Proof Info Column.
  3. Select the drop down menu called Create a Proof Info Column.
  4. Select the Proof Info data point that you want to create on the sheet and select Create.
  5. Any change to that Proof data point will automatically be updated on the sheet.


  • When you select Save as New to create a sheet, Proof Info Columns are not saved in the new sheet.
  • If you remove a mapped Proof Info Column from the Proof Info Column menu, it will preserve the existing data in the column, but it will no longer be updated automatically.
  • If you map the same data point after removing it, a new column will be created in addition to the originally created column.
  • Proof Info Columns can be manually edited, but if there is a change in the Proof data point while the column is mapped, it will update the cell value.
  • You cannot manage the Proof Info Columns on the mobile app, Reports or WorkApps, only on Sheets.