Track the status of a proof

Applies to

  • Business
  • Enterprise


Who can use this capability

The sheet Owner and Admins can set up the Proof Info Columns from the Proofing right rail three dots menu. A license is required.

You can add columns to your sheet to track information about your proofs, making it easier for you to understand the status of your project – who approved the proof, when it was completed, and more. You can create automation using the information in those columns. For example, you can automatically notify someone when a proof needs their review. And you can use data from these columns to populate reports or dashboard widgets. 

Create proof info columns

  1. On the right feature bar, select Proofs.
  2. At the top of the Proofs pane, select More More icon in column header > Create Proof Info Column. You can also create a proof, and then before you upload the proof, select More More icon in column header > Create Proof Info Column from the top right corner of the proof window. 
  3. Choose the information you want to track from the Select a proof info type dropdown. 
  4. Select the plus + icon to add additional columns. 

Column types for tracking proofs


Pairing status with a contact column can make it easy to see who's working on a proof when it's in a specific state. 

  • Created: Proof uploaded; no proof requests sent
  • In Review: Request sent, still requires changes or approval 
  • Requires Changes: A recipient of the proof selected Require Changes 
  • Approved:  All recipients of the proof selected Approve
  • Completed: Proof owner marks proof as complete


Learn about working with versioning


Use dates to track how long an item takes to complete.

  • Date Created
  • Date Completed


Track who has reviewed the proof and needs to take action.

  • Approved By
  • Changes Required By
  • Pending Approval From

Disconnecting proof info columns

  1. Open the proofs pane.  
  2. Select More More icon in column header > Create Proof Info Column.
  3. Select the minus icon next to the column you want to remove.

Deleting the item from the pane does not delete it from the sheet; it only stops further updates to the column data. You will also need to delete the sheet column if you no longer want to see that data. 

Things to know about proof info Columns

  • If you disconnect a column and then map the same data point again, you'll get a new column. It won't overwrite the old column. 
  • You can manually edit Proof Info Columns but if the column mapping is active, any changes will overwrite your manual changes. 
  • Make your changes to the Proof Info Columns in the sheet. You can't edit them in the mobile app, WorkApps, or reports.