Create a portfolio view with sheet summary report

Applies to

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  • Business
  • Enterprise

A portfolio view pulls data from multiple sheet summaries. You create sheet summaries in the summary panel, then aggregate those summaries to create a portfolio view.  

A sheet summary report is different from a row report; a row report uses data from the cells in a sheet. Learn more about the two types of reports.

Tips for building a portfolio view: 

  • First, build the summary for each sheet
  • Make sure all your field names are consistent across sheets. 
  • Use the same field type across all summary fields used to collect the same data type. For example, if you’re aggregating budget information, ensure all columns in all included sheets have budget formatted as currency. If you have different field types, for example, currency and numeric, you’ll get a column for each field type.

Sheet Summary Report is not available for Premium Apps. For example, you cannot use a Sheet Summary type of Report as a source for your Dynamic View.

Create a portfolio view

To create a portfolio view, first, create a sheet summary report and then define what’s included. 

Create your sheet summary report

  1. On the left Navigation Bar, click Solution Center (plus icon) and then select Report
  2. Type a name for your report, select Sheet Summary Report, and then click OK.

Define what is displayed in the report

Use the settings on the report toolbar to adjust your Portfolio View.

Use this tab

To do this

Source Sheets

Specify which sheets and summaries will be pulled into this report.

TIP: If you select a workspace, you get all sheets in that workspace. The report will update when sheets are added and removed from the workspace. Keep in mind that selecting a folder will only add the sheets in the folder; summaries on folders do not automatically update when the contents of the folder change.

Columns to Display

Select the summary fields or system columns for this report.

Filter Criteria

Define parameters for summary information displayed in the report.

Group Combine similar values into groups to organize rows into logical categories or classifications.
Summarize Extract key information from your report, such as the Count of completed projects.


Define how summary information is sorted in the report.

Once you’ve configured each setting, select Save to confirm your selections. Summary data that meets defined criteria will be displayed in the report.

For more information about how each of these configuration options works, see Build a Row Report with Report Builder.

Edit custom sheet summary fields in the portfolio view report 

You can edit the formatting of fields included in your portfolio view report right in the report; you don’t need to go back to the summary field in the underlying sheet to make changes.  

  1. Click the More icon on the left side cell of the row you want to modify, and select Edit
  2. The Sheet Summary form will open if the source sheet has custom fields. Otherwise, you will see "This sheet has no custom summary fields defined."
  3. Enter your changes and click Save.