Use Harvest for Automatic Timesheet Creation

Applies to

Bridge by Smartsheet

About this template

This workflow can automatically create timesheets in Harvest by creating the client and project as required to save you from doing it manually. In this case a project intake sheet is required where information about the client, project and team members are stored. The workflow can be adapted in many ways to suit your particular process.

  • Systems Used
    • Smartsheet
    • Harvest
  • Workflow Trigger:
    • Smartsheet - When Rows Are Added
  • Templates Used:
    • Bridge Workflow - 'Automatic Timesheet Creation - Harvest'

Deploy the template

  1. In the Solution Center find the template Automatic Timesheet Creation - Harvest in the list and click on it.
  2. Give your workflow a name and click Deploy. Your new workflow is now available in the list of Workflows. 
  3. Click on the name to open it.

Deploy Template

Set up the trigger

  1. Click on the trigger element at the start of the workflow to reveal the trigger panel on the right side of the designer. 
  2. Under the section Integration Triggers, click on the link to the Integrations Page.

    Integration Triggers
  3. Find the Smartsheet integration and click on the logo.
  4. If you haven't already registered the integration click Continue in the first tab.
  5. In the second tab click on Authenticate. This brings up a pop-up asking if you want to allow Bridge Access to your Smartsheet account. 
  6. To continue click Allow
  7. Once authenticated click on the Triggers tab and expand the Triggers section.
  8. In the field Sheet ID, enter the unique ID of the sheet or, if you know the sheet name is unique, simply type in the name.
    You can find the sheet ID by navigating to your sheet and selecting Properties in the File dropdown.
  9. Select the event type When Rows Are Added.
  10. Finally, select the workflow that should be triggered in the dropdown. Click Save and go back to the designer.

Optional Setup

Project Name

The template is by default setting the project name of the project to be created as ': Project Code' but you might have a different naming convention for your projects.

To change the format of the project name trigger the workflow to run once by adding a new row in the sheet. Go to the Bridge designer and open the Run Log. In the right hand panel pick the last run, at the top of the list and expand the step Get Row.

You can dynamically reference any of the columns from the sheet by expanding them and locating the 'value'. This is the value in the cell for the row you just added. By opening the dropdown you can choose Copy Data Reference and past it into the Create Project Name field. When the workflow runs again it will reference the value for the row that was just added and use that to create the project name. You can combine references to multiple values on the row to create a unique project name each time.

Run Workflow


Other Project Settings

The Create Project module also lets you pre-set other project options. The Additional Project Options can all be manually entered values or you can use data referencing to set them dynamically using information from the sheet.

Adding new rows in Smartsheet

For the workflow to trigger the row added in the sheet has to truly be a new row. While testing, if you notice the workflow isn't even triggered (evidenced by an expected run not appearing in the Run Log) make sure that the data you added to the sheet was added to a new row, not just replacing information in an existing row or entered into a previously cleared row.

Example Sheet

The below screenshot shows the sheet that was used when building this example. Most of the columns below are used in the workflow so if you are following this exact example make sure you have the same columns in your sheet.

Example Sheet