Check Values in User Responses

It is possible to obtain the necessary information from a state or junction question in multiple ways.

The most common is to specify one or more values using the field 'Values To Check For', this will compare the users comment to the specified values and if they match it will treat this as the state value.

Values To Check For

Additionally you can use special keywords as a prefix to add more complex value check, contain and regex


It is possible to ask for the given user comment to contain a possible string value. This differs from the default as the requested value can exist anywhere in the user comment rather than be the entire comment. If the user comment contains the possible value, the state value is set to equal the value and not the whole user comment

To check for the user comment containing a specific value, you set the value to check for as below:

Specific Value

This will test the user comment for the specified string, in this example 'value', and if it is found it will set the state value as 'value'.


You can validate a user comment using regular expressions. The user comment is validated against the regex pattern and the first matched value is returned as the state value

To check for a value matching a regex pattern you would set the value to check for as below:

Regex Value

This will perform a regex match against the pattern, in this simple email matching pattern example:



With this example, you can pull an email address from a user comment regardless of what else the user also types in the comment.

Email Example