Custom Channel Integration Overview

Applies to

Bridge by Smartsheet

With the Custom Channel integration, you can integrate directly into Bridge without the need for an external messaging platform.

This may be because you want to directly build your own messaging integration, or wish to integrate directly into a third party messaging network and use Bridge to provide automation for some or all of it.

The custom channel works by using inbound and outbound webhooks. The custom channel sends messages to Bridge as required, and Bridge will automatically send asynchronous messages back to the outbound webhook.

We strongly recommend the outbound webhook to be a SSL enabled address (https) with a properly validated certificate (e.g not Self Signed).

If the message to the outbound webhook fails to be sent, Bridge will repeat attempts for up to 10 minutes. After 10 minutes we will disable the webhook and you will need to reregister the webhook when fixed.

When the webhook is registered, a request will be sent.

Using Rich Media Elements

If you are using the custom channel as a proxy between another messaging channel i.e Messenger, Workchat, Slack, you will be able to use the appropriate rich media elements.

To invoke the rich media elements you would need to indicate when the plugin registered which channel elements that you going to use, this needs to be done at the custom channel registration window.

Custom Channel