Harvest Module Reference

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Bridge by Smartsheet

Find Client By Name 

This module will help you find the information for a client based on the name of the client.

If the client is found, the workflow will follow the found path. If no client is found, then the workflow will follow the not found path.

Find Client By Name fields

  • Client Name: a reference to the client name to search for

Find Client Harvest Integration

Find Client By Name returned data

Client Found
  • success
  • Client
    • Address
    • Created at
    • Currency
    • ID
    • Is Active
    • Name
    • Statement Key
    • Updated At
Client Not Found

If a client is not found, only the false success code is returned.


Create Client

Use this module to create a new client in your Harvest account.

Create Client fields

  • Name: a reference to the name of the client to be created
  • Address: a reference to the physical address of the client
  • Currency: the three digit currency code for the currency the client uses. If this is left blank, your default currency will be used

NOTE: A complete list of supported currency codes are available here.

Create Client in Harvest

Create Client returned data

  • Address
  • Created At
  • Currency
  • ID
  • Is Active
  • Name
  • Statement Key
  • Updated At

Create Project

This module will allow you to create a new Project in your Harvest account.

Create Project fields

  • Client ID: the ID of the client to associate this project with
  • Name: the name of the project
  • Advanced Project Settings
    • Project Code: the code associated with the project
    • Start Date: the date the project starts in the format YYYY-MM-DDTHH:mm:ssZ (ISO-8601)
    • End Date: the date the project ends in the format YYYY-MM-DDTHH:mm:ssZ (ISO-8601)
    • Notes: project notes
  • Project Type: the project type
    • Non-Billable
    • Fixed Fee
    • Time & Materials
  • Project Type Options
    • Project Fee: only used with Fixed Fee project types
    • Budget
      • No Budget
      • Total Project Fees (for project type Fixed Fee or Time & Materials only)
      • Fees Per Task (for project type Fixed Fee or Time & Materials only)
      • Total Project Hours
      • Hours Per Task
      • Hours Per Person
    • Total Project Fees (for project type Time & Materials and budget Total Project Fees only)
    • Hours (for budget Total Project Hours only)
    • Budget resets every month
    • Send email alerts if project is over budget (when sending over budget alerts only)
    • Percentage of budget that sends alerts
    • Budget includes billable and non-billable project expenses
    • Hourly Rates (for project type Time & Materials or budget Total Project Fees or Fees Per Task)
      • No Hourly Rates
      • Project Hourly Rates
      • Person Hourly Rates
      • Task Hourly Rate
    • Hourly Rate (for Project Hourly Rates only)
  • Permissions
    • Show project report to everyone on the project: allow all team members assigned to the project to view all details of the project including budget options

Create Project in Harvest

Create Project returned data

  • Bill By
  • Budget
  • Budget By
  • Budget is Monthly
  • Client
    • Currency
    • ID
    • Name
  • Code
  • Cost Budget
  • Cost Budget Include Expenses
  • Created At
  • Ends on
  • Fee
  • Hourly Rate
  • ID
  • Is Active
  • Is Billable
  • Is Fixed Fee
  • Name
  • Notes
  • Notify when over budget
  • Over budget notification date
  • Over budget notification percentage
  • Show budget to all
  • Starts on
  • Updated at

Assign People To Project

This module lets you assign one or more team members to a Project in Harvest.

Assign People To Project fields

  • Project ID: the ID of the project that is to be modified
  • Email: Harvest team member's emails that are to be assigned to the project

Assign People to Project in Harvest

Assign People To Project returned data

  • Status
    • If all the team members you have requested are assigned successfully the status will be Success
    • If at least one was successful, but others were not, then the status will be Partial
    • If all failed, then the status will be Failed

The data returned contains the following information for each email that was used:

  • Budget
  • Created At
  • Hourly Rate
  • ID
  • Is Active
  • Is Project Manager
  • Project
    • Code
    • ID
    • Name
  • Updated At
  • Use Default Rates
  • User
    • ID
    • Name