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Issue: Email not received from Smartsheet


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Depending on the configuration and anti-spam practices of your email provider, email messages and notifications sent from Smartsheet may be improperly marked as spam or blocked altogether. This article walks you through some specific scenarios in which this might occur and provides suggestions of actions you can take to ensure that email flows correctly from Smartsheet to your inbox.

Account activation email not received

After you sign up for Smartsheet, you will be sent an email message to help you activate your account. If you haven’t received this email, here are some things you can do:

  • Check your spam or junk email folder
  • If you are using a service that captures mail from new senders—Mimecast is an example of a service of this type—you will need to adjust the settings for the service to permit Smartsheet to send you mail. (You may need to work with your IT Department on this.)


If you think that perhaps you mistyped your email address, visit the Password Reset page to have an activation link re-sent to your correct email address. A new email will be sent to you enabling you to create an account and password.


If you continue to have issues receiving the activation email, contact Smartsheet Support.

All email appears to be blocked

Smartsheet adheres to the following email security standards:

  • Sender Policy Framework (SPF)
  • DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM)
  • Domain-Based Message Authentication Reporting and Conformance (DMARC)

The use of these standards ensures that recipient’s email systems can validate that Smartsheet is the legitimate sender for its domains. 

If you notice that you do not receive any email from the Smartsheet application, you may need to provide your email system administrators with the following information to ensure that email from Smartsheet is included in an email allowlist.

That is, if your organization requires more specific control than the standard protocols listed above, your IT department can add the following specific email domains to your organization's allowlist:


If you are a member of the Smartsheet Community, you may also want to ensure that is added to the list.

EU accounts should include the following domains on their organization's allowlist:


Email was working but has recently stopped

Visit the Smartsheet Status page to confirm whether there was recent maintenance to the service. If the time of the recent maintenance coincides with the time you started noticing a change in email service, a maintenance update may have caused a temporary disruption:

Status page link:

Email not delivered for specific "send as" type

There is a 20 MB limit to email messages sent from Smartsheet. If an email message exceeds this size, the message will not be sent. You will not receive an error message when this occurs.

This situation is most common with message types that contain a large amount of data such as those sent using the  Send Sheet As Attachment command (for more information, see Share Sheet Information in Email).

If you believe that a message you are attempting to send has exceeded the 20 MB limit, consider sharing the sheet rather than sending it as an attachment or send only the applicable rows (rather than the entire sheet).

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