Set the current date with the Record a Date action

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Who can use this capability

The sheet Owner and Admins can add Record a Date action.

Use Record a date action to set the current date into the chosen field when a workflow is triggered. The timezone of the date will be based on the sheet owner’s timezone. For more information, see Adjust Your Personal Account Settings.

Get started with the record a date action
Record a Date Action

Create a record a date workflow

  1. Select the Automation menu, then Create a Workflow.
  2. Inside the workflow editor, scroll down to the action selector and choose the Record a date action.
  3. On the Record a date action block, choose a Date field. This action type only sets dates into date columns. You will see a message if there aren’t any date columns on the sheet.


If a Record a date workflow’s target date field is deleted or changed from date type to another column type, the workflow will be disabled, and sheet admins will receive an email notification. 


  • In cell history and activity log, the change will be attributed to Smartsheet Automation
  • Record a date is a terminal action. You will not be able to add conditions or actions after Record a date in your workflow.
  • Dates relative to today’s date are not currently supported.
  • Record a date cannot set start and end dates that are automatically calculated using predecessor or parent rollup dependencies.
  • Each time a record a date workflow is triggered, it will overwrite any previously recorded date value.
  • To prevent infinite approval loops, cells containing cross-sheet formulas or cell links will not trigger automation which automatically changes the sheet (Move Row, Copy Row, Lock Row, Unlock Row, Approval Request, Record a Date, Assign People, Change Cell, Clear Cell). To work around this, consider using time-based automation or recurrence workflows. 
  • Update cell actions need time to update the sheet, especially if there are multiple workflows.