Calendar App Filters: Frequently Asked Questions

Applies to

  • Business
  • Enterprise


Who can use this capability

Calendar Owners can create, edit, and share filters. Anyone who is shared to the calendar can create and edit their own private filters. Anyone can access the Calendar App after someone has shared a calendar to them or if an administrator on their plan has given them access to the application.  You must have a license to create and own a calendar.

Use filters in the Calendar App to limit the displayed information so that you and others can see specific activities. Use a filter, for example, to display tasks due on a specific date that are assigned to you, or tasks with a specific status.

Who can create filters?

People with access to a calendar can create a filter in the calendar view:

  • Owners can create and share filters that will be visible to anyone with access to the calendar.
  • Anyone shared to the calendar will be able to create private filters and use or copy shared filters.

What happened to the calendar Filter options in the Settings Panel?

This has been replaced with the new Filters option. Calendar owners can use shared filters to create and control multiple filters for their users.

What Column Types are Supported?

All column types are currently supported. For more information about columns in Smartsheet, see Use the Best Column Type for Your Data.

Why is a column from my sheet not available for Filtering?

Only columns included in the calendar configuration are available for use in a filter. To use a column for filtering, make sure it’s present in Map Columns (Step 3 of the Calendar setup wizard) or Additional Columns (Step 4 of the Calendar setup wizard).

For more information on creating and editing calendars, see Keep Your Teams Organized With the Smartsheet Calendar App.

Can I embed a Filtered Calendar in a Dashboard?

Yes. You can embed a filtered view of a calendar.

A person who views the calendar will be able to adjust the filters in the embedded calendar, but the filtered view will be -reset the next time you load the dashboard. For more information see Calendar App: Interact With a Calendar.

Why do I see an error icon on my filters?

For calendars that you own, the calendar name may be unavailable (grayed out) and an error icon may be displayed if the filter definition is no longer valid.

This may occur under the following circumstances:

  • The column is no longer included in the calendar configuration
  •  The column type was changed
  • The filter criteria is no longer available for the specified column type

To see the specific reason for the error, click the Edit icon to open the Filter window. To remove the error, reconfigure the filter with valid criteria or delete it. 

NOTE: If an error occurs with a shared filter, that filter will become visible only to Owners. Those people will be able to see the error icon and resolve errors with it.

Error Icon on Filter Field