Create Time and Fees Reports

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Time + Fees Reports show project progress and compares your actuals to what was scheduled. Time + Fees Reports only pull data from the window of time established in the Time Frame. You can view a Time + Fees Report in: Hours, Days, Amounts, Amounts + Hours or Amounts + Days

Time and fees

Time + Fees Reports have five columns of information:

First Column: The name of the selected groupings. Click to expand this data to see individual time entries under each group.

Incurred: Displays the actual amount of time or money already incurred for the project. This can include both Confirmed or Unconfirmed hours depending on your Account Settings.

Difference from Past Scheduled: Shows whether the Incurred time or money was different from the original plan. This is the delta between Scheduled time and Incurred time. For example, if a person was originally scheduled to work on a project for four hours on a given day, but they adjusted and confirmed five hours, the Difference from Past Scheduled column shows +1.

Future Scheduled: Shows the amount of time or money scheduled in the future. These assignments are also displayed on the Schedule.

Last Column: This column shows a chart of the Incurred, Difference, and Future Scheduled time for each row


You can display this chart in two ways.

The chart can display the rows relative to each other (different lengths), to visualize how the separate rows make up the whole. In this example, “Development” accounts for about 50% of all the work.

The chart can also be displayed so the rows are all the same length. This allows you to compare how the columns relate to each other per row. In this example, you can see which Discipline has incurred the most unplanned hours as a percentage of their total workload.

The chart shows the following information:The Bill Rate Column is only displayed when Amounts is selected in the Time + Fees view.

Bill Rate: The Bill Rate column shows a person’s applied bill rate for the hours worked on a project. Sometimes the reports show groups where multiple bill rates are included – e.g. when grouping by discipline. In this case, the Bill Rate column calculates the average or effective bill rate for the work completed and scheduled in that group.

Bill rates

TIP: You can filter the information displayed on your report by modifying any items listed under Show on the left panel.

Your team can create custom reports to monitor their scheduled and incurred hours. We recommend that people keep the "Difference from Past Scheduled" column as close to zero as possible. This means they are working according to the plan.