Create an Expense Report

Applies to

Resource Management

Expense Reports show non-labor related project costs. For example, costs incurred when hiring outside vendors, ordering prototypes, or travel costs. Expense Reports are included Budget Reports.

To see a Utilization Report:

  1. Click Analytics and then click New Report
  2. On the right sidebar, click View and then select Expenses


Expense Reports have six columns:

  • First Column: Data available for the selected projects and groups. Click a row to see more details for that row.
  • Incurred: Amount already expensed.
  • Remaining: Amount still available for project expenses.
  • Budget: Project Expense Budget. This number is set in Project Settings.
  • Category: (not shown in image): Categories appear when you click on a group header. The Expense Category identifies the type of purchase, for example, Travel. 
  • Notes: (not shown in image): A description of the expense.