Create an Expense Report

Article applies to 10,000ft by Smartsheet

Expense Reports shows non-labor related project costs. For example, costs incurred when hiring outside vendors, ordering prototypes, or travel costs. You can also see an Expense Report within the Budget Reports.


Expense Reports have six columns:

First Column: The data available for the selected projects and groups. Click to expand this data to see individual time entries.

Incurred: The actual amount of money already expensed.

Remaining: The amount of money still available for project expenses.

Budget: The project Expense Budget. This budget is a fixed number that is predetermined in Project Settings.

Category (not shown in image): Categories are revealed when you click on a group header. The Expense Category identifies the type of purchase. (ex. Travel)

Notes (not shown in image): A description of the expense. (ex. Hotel in London)

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