Create a Scheduled Hours Report

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There is not a way to see scheduled hours per person within a project in the reports. As an alternative, you can visualize the scheduled hours for a project by using report exports and create a pivot table to display the number of hours you scheduled per person for the project.

To Create a Scheduled Hours Pivot Table:

  1. On the Project Page, find the "Status" area and go to the "Time & Fees report" quick link.
  2. On the Time & Fees report, click on Export > Export Underlying Data as CSV.
  3. Open your CSV, click Insert > PivotTable.
  4. In the PivotTable Builder pop up, under "Row," add Project, then Team Member. Under "Values," add Scheduled (hours).

Now you have a table, like the one below, that shows the number of hours each person was scheduled for this project.

scheduled hours report