Create a Leave Report

Article applies to 10,000ft by Smartsheet

  1. Navigate to the Analytics tab and click New Report
  2. Run a Time & Fees report (you can choose if you want to show the data in hours or days)

  3. Choose the correct time frame: This Year, This Quarter, or a Custom Date Range

  4. First group by: "Leave Type"

  5. Then group by: "Team Member"

The reports will show all leave Incurred (already taken), Difference (unplanned and taken leave), and Future Scheduled (planned on the schedule for the future) for the time period you choose.

Because our reports work like a pivot table, the report will show project hours under the Project grouping.

You can filter these out of your report using the filters under Show menu. Go to the Leave Type filter and select the checkboxes for just the Leave (Vacation, Sick, Parental etc) that you want to review. You can also filter to see leave for only yourself, one person, or department using these filters.

Save your report to your Personal Page so you can easily access it again.

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