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Resource Management


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Resourcing Administrators, Project Managers, and People Schedulers can use the project worklist to manage tasks and assignments but cannot create Worklists.

Manage tasks and assignments with the project worklist

The project worklist shows all work items and assignments for a project, organized by phase.


    • Resource Management


    Resourcing Administrators, Project Managers, and People Schedulers can use the project worklist to manage tasks and assignments but cannot create Worklists.

    Use the worklist to:

    • See all the work, its status, and who it’s assigned to
    • Create and edit project plans 
    • Indicate who should work on what and when. 
    • Add work items for key deliverables or milestones.

    Before you can use the worklist, you must set up a project.


    Phases break a project into different kinds of work. Add phases first, then add work items to each phase.

    To add phases to worklist:

    1. At the top left of the Worklist, select Phase. A new phase row appears at the bottom of the worklist.
    2. Name the phase. Use the Enter key to add more phases; select anywhere on the screen when you’re done.  
    3. To edit the phase, select the new row. The properties pane opens in the right sidebar. 

    To adjust phase dates: 

    1. Select the start or end date on a phase row to open the calendar. 
    2. Select the new dates from the calendar. 

    Set the dates for each phase as you create them; the next phase you add will start immediately after the previous phase ends.

    Add work items to the worklist 

    Work Items define project deliverables, expectations, and responsibilities for the project, phase, or person.

    To add work items:

    1. Hover over a person, then select Work Item.   
    2. In the right pane, fill out the Work Item properties.  

    Hovering over a row activates + Work Item at the bottom of the project or phase grouping so you can add details about the item.

    To assign work items:

    1. Select the Work Item row to open the Work Item details.
    2. Select Assign Team Member.


    • Hover over the work item and then select Assign

    Copy work items in the worklist

    You can duplicate a work item, copying it to either the project or a phase in the project. Copy work Iiems when:

    • You have multiple people working on the same thing. Copy the work item multiple times and assign each copy to the people working on it. 
    • You have similar assignments across many project phases, for example, a design review. Copy the work item for each phase and edit the dates.
    • You need to move a work item. Copy the work item to the new phase and delete the old work item.

    To copy a work Item:

    1. On the Worklist, select the work item you want to copy.  
    2. At the bottom of the right details pane, select Copy
    3. Select the project or phase where you want to copy the work item.

    Delete work items from the worklist

    Only Resourcing Admins and Portfolio Editors can delete work items. Deleting a work item deletes the entire row and all its contents, including the assignment. Time already tracked to the assignment is not deleted.

    1. Select the Work Item row. 
    2. At the bottom of the right pane, select Delete

    Add people to the worklist

    To add a team member to a phase: 

    There are two ways to add a team member to the worklist:

    • Select the project or phase, then select + Add Team Member from the right panel.
    • Hover under the last phase or project entry and select Team Member. Your team directory appears in the right panel. 

    To add a team member to multiple phases:

    1. At the top of the Worklist, select Team Member
    2. In the right panel, select the Phases you want to add team members to. You can also select the whole project. 
    3. At the bottom of the panel, select Add Phases
    4. Select the Team Member you want to add.

    All assignments have start and end dates. Depending on whether the person is assigned at the project or phase level, assignments will inherit the project or phase start and end dates by default.

    Specify work status in the worklist

    You can specify a status for each work item. Resourcing Admins, Portfolio Editors, and the person assigned to the work can change status throughout a project. 

    Use status to identify items that need attention. You can customize status settings to suit your organization’s unique vocabulary.

    Status appears wherever a work item appears. Learn more about work status.

    Shift dates in the worklist

    Project and phase dates change. If you have defined phases and assignments, you can shift dates without editing each item.

    To shift dates: 

    1. In the Worklist, select the project or phase name. It’s in bold at the top of the project or phase section. 
    2. In the right pane, select Shift Dates.
    3. Enter a new start date and then select Save

    Shifting a project moves all phases, assignments, and task due dates.

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