Create a New Project

Applies to

Resource Management

There are two ways to create new projects, one at a time from the Project Page or use the Project Importer to import multiple projects at once. 

Only Resourcing Administrators, Portfolio Editors, and Project Editors can create and manage projects. New projects appear on your organization’s Project Portfolio Page.

Creating single projects

To create a new project:

  1. In the top right corner of the Project Portfolio, click  New Project.
  2. Enter a Project Name and Project Type. Enter additional details as available. 
    • Client: Select a Client from the list, or create a new one
    • Project Code: Optional internal project codes
    • Duration: Specify the number of working days of the project to generate your end date. Understanding how many workdays a project will take is useful for projects that overlap with holidays and weekends.
    • Custom Fields: Custom fields allow you to add and track specific information about your projects and people. 
    • Notifications: Enable or mute notifications about changes to this project.
    • Budgets:  Learn more at Create and Manage Budgets
    • Phases: Learn more at Use Phases for Projects
    • Bill Rates: Learn more at Configure Bill Rates in Account Settings
    • Lock/Unlock Time Entries: Set time entries to lock when your team submits their hours. 
    • Project Owner: Specify the person who acts as the project manager or main point of contact for the project.
  3. At the bottom of the page, click Save. You can now add people to your project. 

Importing Multiple Projects 

You can also batch import projects using a spreadsheet. Learn more about importing multiple projects.