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Resource Management

Assign Leave Time to the Schedule


  • Resource Management

Resource Management allows you to create different types of time off and to add that time off to the schedule. That way you know who's available to work on your projects— and when. 

To add leave time to a person on the Schedule:  

  1. Click on the row and date where you want to add the leave. 
  2. Click New Assignment, then scroll down to the Leave Type you want to add. 
  3. Select a Leave Types from the bottom of the list. The leave will appear on the schedule. 

By default, new assignments, including leave, appear on the schedule at 100% allocation for one week.

  • Drag the assignment handles to adjust the duration. 
  • Click the leave to adjust the allocation.

Unlike Holidays and Weekends, Resource Managment does not automatically subtract leave hours from availability calculations. Hours scheduled as leave are treated just like work hours.

You may want to split assignments after you’ve added the leave.

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