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Resource Management


Who can use this capability

Resourcing Administrators, Portfolio Editors, People Schedulers, and Project Editors can manage assignments.

Edit assignments

Use the edit menu to remove, reassign, edit or split assignments on your schedule.


  • Resource Management


Resourcing Administrators, Portfolio Editors, People Schedulers, and Project Editors can manage assignments.

Changes are reflected on the projects page and in pre-populated time entries on personal pages.

  • To edit an assignment, click the assignment bar. 

Repeat assignments

You may need to assign the same task over and over. Repeat assignment makes this easy; the time frame and allocation are preserved in all instances of the series.

Repeat an assignment:

  1. On the schedule, click the assignment you want to repeat
  2. Select Repeat from the pop-up menu. 
  3. Enter how often you want to repeat the assignment (weekly, every two weeks, etc). 
  4. Enter how many times you want to repeat the assignment.

Remove repeating assignments:

  1. On the schedule, click the assignment you want to remove
  2. Select Remove from the pop-up menu
  3. Select The Series for all past and future assignments in a repeating series. Select This + Future Assignments for the assignment you have selected plus all future scheduled. Select Only This for only the selected assignment; past and future assignments in the series remain).

Reassigning work

When you need to change who works on what, you can easily reassign work to another person. When reassigning, attributes of the person are automatically selected as filters. This shows you which people and placeholders in your organization who match first.

  1. Click the assignment and then click Reassign.
  2. Select the person, placeholder, or location  you want to reassign the work to.

Removing overlapping assignments

Removing overlapping assignments is helpful when changing a person’s assignment from multiple projects to a single project. This feature is also helpful when someone takes a vacation part-way through a project and you want to remove their project assignments only while on vacation.

Important: Removing overlapping assignments cannot be undone. Double check your schedule before you make this change. 

  1. Select the assignment you want to keep
  2. Select the allocation (i.e. 8 h/d)
  3. Select Remove Overlapping Assignments.
  4. You’ll see a prompt asking, “Remove overlapping assignments?” Select Yes to confirm.

If you remove overlapping project assignments, all allocated hours from removed assignments go back into the project budget. 

Split assignments

You might need to split an assignment into segments to accommodate availability or schedule issues. For example, you’ve assigned Joe to 4 hours per day on a project for 3 weeks. As you refine the plan, you may want to assign different hours each week. You need to split the project into segments to do so. First you split the assignment, then you can adjust each segment,  6 hours for week one, 2 hours for week two, and 4 hours for week three of the project. 

  1. Click the assignment in the approximate place you want to split

  2. Select Allocation from the menu

  3. Select Split Between Dates X and Y.

  4. After you split the assignment, adjust the allocation of each section of the assignment as needed. You can also move the assignment bar to different dates as needed.

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