Respond to a Proofing Request

When you receive a proofing review request, it will include a link that takes you to a review page on a new browser tab. On the page, you can take the following actions:

    •    Leave annotated comments linked directly to a piece of content
    •    Have conversations with other stakeholders
    •    Approve or reject the proof

Proof review

Who can use this capability

Permission requirements icon  People with a Smartsheet account will be able to review the proof and take action (as long as they’re logged in to Smartsheet). Licensed users with Owner, Admin, or Editor permissions to the sheet that contains the proof will be able to take action on the proof directly in the sheet. 

NOTE: Anyone without a Smartsheet account who receives a review request will be prompted to create a free account. Once they’ve done that, they’ll be able to view the proof and take action.

Plan availability iconEnterprise and Business plans types can send out review requests. Any plan type can review a proof.

Review a proof

When someone sends you a proofing review request, you’ll receive an email message, a notification in Smartsheet, or both (depending on your notification preferences). To get started with your review, click Review Proof.

What you do next will depend on whether you already have a Smartsheet account:

  • If you already have a Smartsheet account, clicking the link will display the external review page .
  • If you do not have a Smartsheet account, you’ll be prompted to create a free account before you can view the external review page.

Anyone who has been invited to review can participate. 

Where you take action will depend on whether you’ve been shared to the sheet on which the proof resides:

  • Shared to sheet: If you have access to the sheet where the proof resides, you can review the proof directly in the Proofing panel in the sheet or you can take action on the external review page. 
  • Not shared: If you are not shared to the sheet, you’ll be able to take action on the external review page only.

NOTE: Anyone with permission to view the sheet can use a link in the proofing panel to open the external review page in a new tab. When the review page is accessed via the proofing panel link, the same permissions apply as on the sheet. Approving or Requesting changes is still only an option for people who are sent a review request.

Approve or reject a proof

To approve or reject a proof, click the desired option at the bottom of the right side of the Proofing panel on the sheet (you’ll need appropriate permissions to do this) or the external review page.

NOTE: Only people who have been invited to participate in a review will see these options. 

Proof review with comments
Approve a proof if the version you are viewing requires no further revisions. 

Reject a proof if the proof requires changes and further review.

As others approve and reject the proof, each viewer will have insight into the following:

  • A tally of all the Approve/Reject responses from others who were invited to review the proof. 
  • A Pending tally that lets you know how many people have yet to review the proof.

TIP: To see the names of people who have chosen an option or have yet to review, hover the mouse over the Approve, Reject, or Pending buttons.

Include comments or annotations with your feedback

Use a comment if you have general feedback. Use an annotation (click in the proof in a specific place and then make the comment) if your feedback is specific to a certain area of the proof. 

Add a comment

Type your comment in the Add a comment space and press Enter. 

Comment on proof review

TIP: Type @<email address> to tag someone in a comment. You can use this, for example, to let the requestor know that you’ve completed the review. (They'll receive a notification that includes a link to the sheet that contains the proof so they can find it and see your feedback.)

Add an annotation

To add an annotation:

  1. Hover your mouse over the location you wish to leave a comment on the proof.

    The cursor will change into a crosshair to indicate that you can leave an annotation.
  2. Click the mouse.

    This will add an annotation circle on the proof.
  3. Type your comment in the Add a comment section (the right side of the panel).
  4. Press Enter to submit your feedback.

Once you submit your annotation, the annotation on the proof will turn into a circled numeric value. The annotation number will reflect the order in which the comment was made.

TIP: To highlight the area associated with an annotation, click the annotated comment. To see the comment associated with an annotation, click the number.