Delete a File Attached to a Comment

Applies to

  • Pro
  • Business
  • Enterprise


Who can use this capability

People with Owner, Admin, or Editor permissions to the sheet can create or reply to a comment. You can edit any comment that you create (including editing it to delete a file attached to the comment).

People with Owner or Admin sharing permissions can delete any comment or comment thread, which will also delete the attached file. 

Anyone with access to the sheet will be able to view, download, or print files attached to comments.

You can't delete a file attached to a comment from the Attachments panel; Delete File will be grayed out. 

To delete a file attached to a comment you must delete it from the comment itself, or delete the comment that the file is attached to.

Delete Attachment Unavailable

To go to the comment from the Attachments panel, click comment under the filename.

Go to Comment

Delete a file attachment from the comment panel

  1. Click the More icon More menu icon to the right of the comment.
  2. Select Edit comment.

    Edit Comment

    If Edit comment is grayed out, it's likely that you don't have the correct permissions to delete the attachment. Contact the person who left the comment and ask them to delete the attachment, or contact the Owner or an Admin on the sheet to request they delete the comment.
  3. Hover over the attachment you'd like to delete and click the​ Delete icon.

    Trash Icon

The file should now be removed from the comment and the sheet.