Access and Download Attachments From a Report

Some files (for example, images) that were uploaded from a computer or mobile device can be viewed directly in Smartsheet. Others, you may need to download to your own device in order to view. You'll also need to download a file to your device if you want to edit it.

Reports don't store information, but rather are a view of information stored on one or more source sheets. Due to this, files aren't attached directly to a report, they are attached to the specific rows or comments it displays. 

There are certain sheet-level activities that aren't supported in reports. These include the ability to:

  • Attach files at the sheet-level (as opposed to a specific row or comment). If you want to do this, you'll need to open the source sheet.
  • View attachments from the Attachments pane: You aren't blocked from working with attachments in a report; however, if you want to manage attachments in the Attachments pane, you'll need to switch to a sheet.

    The rest of this article includes Instructions about how to access and preview attachments from a report.

Who can use this capability

Permission requirements icon Owners, Admins, and Editors on the source sheets and report can add, version, or delete attachments. Anyone with access to the source sheets and report can view and download attachments. You can send an attachment in an email to anyone with a valid email address.
Plan availability icon All plan types. System Admins for Enterprise and Premier accounts can disable any file attachment options. (See Manage Global Account Settings.)

Access and Preview Row Attachments From a Report

In the report:

  1. Click the Attachments icon to the left of the row number.

    row attachment icon
    The Attachments panel appears.
  2. Click the name of an attached image to preview it.

Some files (for example, Word docs or Google Slides) can't be previewed in Smartsheet. If the file originates from a supported online storage service, clicking the name will open the file in another browser window. Otherwise, you may need to download the attachment.

Download a single row attachment

In the report:

  1. Click the Attachments icon to the left of the row number.

    row attachment icon
    The Attachments window appears.
  2. Hover over the attachment that you'd like to download and click the Download File button.

    download report attachment image

The most current version of the files will be downloaded in its original format. (If you need to download an older version of a file, see Versioning Files Attached to Items in Smartsheet.)

Download row attachments in bulk

In the report:

  1. Click the Attachments icon to the left of the row number.

    row attachment icon
    The attachments window appears.
  2. Check the box next to each attachment that you want to download.
  3. Click Actions (top of the panel) > Download Selected Files.

Files are downloaded to your device in a compressed .zip bundle.

Preview or download comment attachments

In the report:

  1. Click the Comments icon to the left of the row number.
  2. Scroll to the comment containing the attachments you need and hover over an attachment.
  3. Here, you can click the attachment name of an image to preview it, or click the Download File button to save the attachment to your device.

    Download comment attachment

For information about how to delete a file associated with a comment, see Delete a File Attached to a Comment.