Azure Active Directory for Smartsheet FAQ

How long will it take to provision users via Directory Integration? 

Azure AD has different sync times for provisioning depending on the sync configuration,
number of users and groups, and sync type (initial or incremental). Refer to this Microsoft Support article for details.

How do I troubleshoot provisioning errors in Azure AD? 

See this Microsoft Support article for information on troubleshooting errors in Azure AD. 

Can I integrate with Smartsheet from a self-hosted (on premises) AD server? 

You can use Azure AD Connect to sync your self-hosted AD instance with your Azure AD instance. You can then use your Azure AD instance for directory integration with Smartsheet. 

What happens when someone in Active Directory has their email changed?

The email change request is sent to Smartsheet and their primary email address is updated with the new email address. Similar to in-app primary email address changes, this does not impact any shared Smartsheet items and items they own, or other existing references to them in Smartsheet.

NOTE: The old email address will be completely removed from the account. If you want to set up your original email address as a secondary alias, you can manually add it to your user profile. For more information, see Change the Email Address Used with Your Smartsheet Account.