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Find answers to questions customers have about Smartsheet Gov.

Our agency has both a Smartsheet Commercial account and a Smartsheet Gov account, can I be signed in to both at the same time?

Yes you can sign in to both your commercial and government environments at the same time.

Keep in mind that Smartsheet Gov is a completely separate instance of the application. Data will not sync between your Smartsheet Gov and commercial accounts and you cannot share data between Smartsheet Gov and commercial.

What sharing security features are available to Smartsheet Gov?

System Admins on the Smartsheet Gov account can control sharing through the use of the Approved Domain Sharing List. Sharing is restricted to your domain by default—if a System Admin removes these restrictions, then people in your account would have the ability to share data to other Smartsheet Gov users outside of your account.

How do I share data from Smartsheet Gov to a Smartsheet commercial account?

There is no ability to share data between commercial Smartsheet and Smartsheet Gov.

What FedRAMP authorized level is Smartsheet Gov?

FedRAMP Moderate

Does Smartsheet Gov Support Google Authenticator?

Yes. More information on setting up Google Authenticator can be found here.

Does Smartsheet Gov Support CAC-PIV?

Yes, Smartsheet Gov supports CAC/PIV. However, you must use a third-party identity and management solution to do the CAC/PIV validation.

Can I transfer my data to Smartsheet Gov from the commercial Smartsheet environment?

You may be able to transfer some information from the commercial Smartsheet environment to your Smartsheet Gov account. Please reach out to your Smartsheet account representative for more information on the options available to you.

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