Smartsheet for Jira: Important Jira Cloud Privacy Changes

Applies to

Smartsheet Advance Package (Requires Enterprise Plan)

In order to continue to improve user privacy, Atlassian is updating the Jira Cloud application to remove personal data that can be used to identify users.

On April 29, 2019, Atlassian will remove the username and userKey fields from Jira Cloud (and the Jira API) and will replace them with the accountId field. Additionally, they will be restricting the visibility of other personal data, such as email, in conjunction with a user’s privacy setting.

What does this mean for Smartsheet for Jira?

As part of this initiative, Smartsheet developed a solution to minimize the overall impact and ensure Jira connector workflows will not stop working after these changes are made:

Mapped columns in Smartsheet will contain stale data—or values that are outdated. Stale data is defined as data that is obtained from the last connection session prior to April 29th when this change takes place. 

Our recommendation is to remove the impacted columns from your Connector Workflows and other processes or replace them with alternate fields.

What do I need to do to make sure I'm not impacted?

Here are actions that you can take to minimize disruption.

Replace the deprecated fields from Jira Workflows

Remove deprecated fields from your Jira Connector workflows first—if desired, replace them with suitable fields. Then, delete the impacted columns in Smartsheet. (See the Smartsheet for Jira help article for more info on editing workflows.)

It's important to add replacement fields before removing the deprecated fields to ensure that your workflows remain active.

Current Jira Connector field Recommended replacement fields
Reporter Username Reporter Display Name or Reporter Email Address
Assignee Username Assignee Display Name or Assignee

Delete related columns in Smartsheet

Fields used as replacements for deprecated username and userKey fields may require privacy setting adjustments to work as expected in your workflows.

When you remove the fields, delete the related columns in your sheets in Smartsheet that were mapped with these fields. (More info on deleting columns in your sheet in Delete a Column.)

Update any filters in your workflows

Either remove the deprecated fields altogether, or add suitable fields and then remove the deprecated fields. (More on Jira Filters.)

Have a Jira Administrator update privacy settings

Work with Jira users and Jira site administrators to restrict or allow the visibility of other personal data, such as email addresses. (See this Atlassian help article for more on email visibility restrictions.)

If Jira Admins or Jira Users have configured profile privacy settings to restrict access to profile information, you may see errors when Jira Connector workflows sync and attempt to pull restricted information. 

For data from fields such as Assignee or Reporter Email Address to be visible and usable in Jira Connector workflows, the Atlassian profile Email address setting should be set to visible by Anyone.

Don’t create new workflows with these fields

Any new workflows created with these fields may cause disruption to your processes once Atlassian deprecates them. Advise other Smartsheet for Jira users in your organization to refrain from using these fields in new workflows.

Modify related Automated Workflow & Alert Options in Smartsheet

Any Automated Workflow & Alert Options in Smartsheet that are triggered by or involve these deprecated fields in any way should be edited to ensure they won’t become inactive. (See Automate Your Work With Alerts and Actions.)