Smartsheet Control Center: Sheet and Folder Limitations and Guidelines

Applies to

Smartsheet Advance Package

Use this article as a reference for limitations and guidelines on how to manage your projects at scale.

Control Center limitations

  • Entering multiple values (for multi-dropdown and multi-contact) through Control Center is not supported. You can only enter a single value. Comma-separated values are treated as a single value that contains commas.
  • Global Updates do not support multi-dropdown and multi-contact column types.

Blueprint Source Folder 

For best results, the Blueprint Source Folder should contain no more than 75 items (sheets, reports, dashboards, sub-folders).

Sheet limitations 

Intake Sheet

If your Intake Sheet has reached the general sheet limitations, you won’t be able to create more projects. These limitations are:

  • 20,000 rows
  • 400 columns
  • 500,000 cells (in any combination of rows and columns)

To get more space on your Intake Sheet

  • Delete rows for rejected projects—If you’d like to log a history of rejected projects, you can create another Intake Sheet and use the Copy to Another Sheet command to copy those project rows over to the new sheet. Then, delete them from your initial intake sheet to create more space. For more information, see Copy Rows to Another Sheet.
  • Run project archiving to remove completed projects from your intake sheet.

Blueprint Summary Sheet

Once you’ve hit Blueprint Summary Sheet limitations you can still create projects, but the Profile Data from those projects won’t be linked to the Blueprint Summary sheet. 

To get more space on your Blueprint Summary Sheet:

  • Delete unnecessary Profile Data columns.
  • Delete extra columns on the Summary Sheet.
  • Use multiple summary sheets.
  • Use Project Archiving to remove completed project rows.

Consider these limitation when you create your Blueprint Summary sheet—they determine how many projects you can create and link. The smallest number using the calculations below will determine the limit.  

TIP:  Use Project Archiving to free up space as you need it.

Summary Sheet

100,000 inbound cell-links: Each column in the summary sheet that will be cell-linked to project Profile Data counts towards the cell-link limit. Take the number columns that will be linked to Profile Data and divide it into 100,000 to determine the maximum number of projects.

For example, if a summary sheet has 43 columns linked to Profile Data in projects, 2,325 is the maximum number of projects—100,0000 / 43 = 2,325 

Smartsheet has a limit of 20,000 inbound cell-links per sheet. In Control Center this limit can be increased to 100,000 inbound cell-links. If you receive a message stating that you’ve reached the 20,000 cell-link limitation, contact your Smartsheet CSM or Consultant.

500,000 cells per sheet: Take the total number of columns in the summary sheet (regardless of whether they will be cell-linked to profile data or not) and divide it into 500,000 to determine the maximum number of projects the sheet can hold. 

A summary sheet with 125 columns can hold 4,000 projects. 500,000 / 125 = 4,000

20,000 rows per sheet: Smartsheet has a limit of 20,000 rows on a sheet.