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Smartsheet Advance Package

Smartsheet Control Center limitations

Use this table as a reference for limitations and guidelines on how to manage your Smartsheet Control Center portfolio. Limits change when you use Portfolio WorkApps (PWA). 


  • Smartsheet Advance Package


SCC without PWA

SCC with PWA


Multi-tier solution

Single-tier solution with no PWA usage

Solutions created before the launch of PWA

Single-tier solution with PWA usage

Portfolio (SCC Program)


One SCC primary lead; up to five additional leads

One SCC primary lead; up to five additional leads


One owner for a Portfolio WorkApp

Pages in a Portfolio WorkApp



Roles in a Portfolio WorkApp


20 total roles can be created at the Portfolio WorkApp level


Two (2) roles are created by default:  Portfolio Users and Portfolio Admin.

Eighteen (18) roles can be customized on the Portfolio WorkApp


Blueprints in a program

Recommended: between 1 and 30


This number varies based on count of templates, profile data, and dynamic scope reports.

Recommended: between 1 and 30


This number varies based on count of templates, profile data, and dynamic scope reports.

Blueprint templates 

90 assets in folder (this is including optional assets) 

90 assets in folder (this is including optional assets) 


10 additional assets at the WorkApps Project


Blueprints exceeding this limit cannot create a Portfolio WorkApps blueprint or project WorkApps

Roles per Project WorkApp Blueprint


20 total roles are available for Project WorkApps


16 roles for the Project WorkApp are inherited from the Blueprint and are configured via contact columns in the SCC Intake Sheet and Blueprint Builder


Four roles can be customized on the Project WorkApp itself after creation

Dynamic Report Scope

50 reports per Blueprint

5000 sheets per report 

50 reports per Blueprint

5000 sheets per report 

Summary sheets per Blueprint


Each summary can have <=100,000 cell-links (inbound)


Each summary can have <=100,000 cell-links (inbound)

Intake summary fields
(Fields that can be configured in the SCC Blueprint Builder UI to link from Summary back to Intake)




Total projects per program (active and archived)


Exceeding this limit may slow load times.

Programs with more than 5,000 projects will begin to experience performance degradation in the SCC UI

20,000 Projects with Project WorkApps

Projects per blueprint


Exceeding this limit may create cell-link propagation and creation latency or creation issues.



The number of projects supported by a single blueprint is based on the number of profile data fields in your Intake Sheet and is bounded by the following limits: 500,000 max cells, 20,000 max rows, 400 max columns, and 200,000 max inbound and outbound cell links with up to 10,000 outbound destination grids.

Up to 2000. 


Blueprints exceeding this limit will continue to provision up to the variable cap for the blueprint.  However, new Project WorkApps will not be created past this point.


Users and Groups in WorkApps roles


Each role in a Project WorkApp has 100 available ‘slots’ for groups or individual users.


Up to 20 individual users per role can come from the associated contact column in the SCC Intake Sheet.

An additional 80 slots can be configured directly in the Project WorkApp by editing the appropriate role.

Note: Groups can not be added to a Smartsheet contact list column; if you are using groups for sharing that will have to be set on the individual workapp

Performance Expectation

Performance is based on size and complexity of projects; P95 values below represent the rate performance we would expect to see from the Smartsheet API for solutions in the 95th percentile of complexity and size


40 auto-provisioning projects per hour (P95)


You can batch auto-provisioning from the intake sheet. Rate limits per hour will apply.


Global Update

30 projects per hour (P95)



10 projects per hour (P95)


Note - Portfolio users role (rolled up from users in various projects in the Portfolio WorkApps) can support up to ~66,000 users right now 


If you have requirements that cross our limitations, please contact Smartsheet support or professional services team. We would love to understand how we can serve you better

If you are planning a Portfolio with more than 20,000 projects or more than 2000 projects per blueprint, Portfolio WorkApps may not be the best fit. Contact Support to deactivate Portfolio WorkApps. If you are unsure how many projects you'll need, you can continue with Portfolio WorkApps, but after 2000 projects, Control Center will not add new projects to your Portfolio WorkApp.You can still view the files in Smartsheet, outside WorkApps.

Make space for more projects

Once you’ve hit Blueprint Summary Sheet limitations you can still create projects, but the Profile Data from those projects won’t be linked to the Blueprint Summary sheet. 

Adding more leads and need more cell-links? You can request an increase to 100,000. Contact Smartsheet Support to request this change. 

To get more space on your Blueprint Summary sheet:

  • Delete unnecessary Profile Data columns.
  • Delete extra columns on the Summary Sheet.
  • Use multiple summary sheets.
  • Use Project Archiving to remove completed project rows.

Consider the limitations above when you create your Blueprint Summary sheet—they determine how many projects you can create and link. 

Use Project Archiving to free up space as you need it.

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