Search Tips to Find Your Smartsheet Items

Use the Search bar at the top of Smartsheet to find Smartsheet items (for example, sheets, reports, dashboards, or templates) or content within those items (for example, row data, attachments, or comments) across your account.

Search results are displayed in the Search form where you can quickly navigate to the information you need:

  • To go directly to a row in a sheet, click on the row in the result.
  • To open a row or comment for editing, click the Edit Row icon Edit Row
  • To preview an attachment, click the Preview icon Preview icon

NOTE: Search is different from Find and Replace. For information about finding information in a sheet as you're working in it so that you can replace that information with something else, see the Help article Find and Replace Values within a Sheet.

Search Tips

To find specific Smartsheet items (sheets, reports, dashboards, and so on) or to find content within those items (comments or attachments, for example) do the following to narrow your search:

  • Under Search in, specify where you want to search.
  • Under Filter By, use the checkboxes under Type, Location, and Last Modified.

Smartsheet will search through your account to find sheet names, row data, attachments or comments, and so on, that match your search terms and filter criteria. Search results are grouped by sheet.

Here are some things to keep in mind as you search:

  • To search for a series of numbers where you know part of the series, you can use an asterisk as a wildcard. For example, a search for 123* will return all of these:

  • To find search terms within a specific sheet, open that sheet first before conducting the search. This will give you the option to search in only the Current Sheet  (you'll see this on the left side of the Search form).
  • While it's possible to search for attachment titles and descriptions, you will not be able to search the contents of file attachments.
  • To get more detail about row results, hover the mouse over the results. You'll be able to see the row number as well as the value of the primary column for that row.
  • To find results that contain any of the included words: Type OR between multiple search terms. For example, typing John OR Smith in the search field will return John Smith, John Adams, and Alexander Smith.
  • To find results that exactly match a specific sequence of characters, enclose them in quotation marks. For example, type “John Smith” (including the quotation marks) to find instances of John Smith where John and Smith are always together

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